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We are so grateful for all of our contributing artists, designers, technicians, strategists, environmentalists and activists who are committed to protecting our planet and have helped bring this project to life.

Thank You!

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Ocean Filmmaker

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Ben Leinbach

Recording Engineer


Writer & Poet


Dancer & Producer

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Meredith Rom

Sound Healer & Coach

Kane Wolf


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Activist & Author



Jesse Perlstein

Electronic Musician


Faith Levine

Lead Dancer

Nadia Surtees

Design Strategist


Drone Pilot & Filmmaker


David Abramson

Website Developer



Tony Ly

Branding & Design


Yolande Harris

PhD Researcher & Artist


Daniela Huson

Events Coordinator

Marketing Advisor


Michael J Downey

Live Sound Engineer

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Gyongyi Ridenour

Sound Healer


Abigail Hinds


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Joshua SaM Miller

Co-Creator, Composer, Executive Producer

Joshua leads the Sounds of the Ocean team as a sound and visual artist, music producer and ocean conservationist.  He strives to reduce stress in people's lives by building connection back to the natural world through sound.  He grew up playing clarinet, but really wanted to play drums, so now he does both and mixes ambient percussion with melody to transport listeners to a deep state of rest.  Joshua has shared his experience with sound as a meditative tool at festivals, yoga studios, healing retreat centers and wellness events in Australia, Bali, North and Central America and Europe.


In 2020, Joshua's work was accepted as part of the International Year of Sound as mobilized by the International Commission for Acoustics.  He has appeared at the NAMM ShowBhakti FestAgape Zoe Festival and has participated in over 100 workshops at iconic venues such as UCLAGrace Cathedral and Burning Man.  He is driven by passion to raise environmental awareness by curating immersive sound and visual experiences in support of ocean conservation work around the world.

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John Ryan

Co-Creator & Biological Oceanographer

John Ryan leads research and public outreach for the Ocean Soundscape project at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), the source of recordings for Sounds of the Ocean.  He received a PhD degree in biological oceanography from the University of Rhode Island in 1998.  John’s graduate research focused on phytoplankton ecology in the northwestern Atlantic and was supported by a fellowship from the Office of Naval Research.  He began a postdoctoral fellowship at MBARI in fall 1998, during which he was awarded a NASA New Investigator grant.  Now a Senior Research Specialist at MBARI, John is focused on the ecology of oceanic life -- from microscopic plankton to great whales.


These recordings reveal the great diversity and activity of ocean life, providing a window to connect.  They also reveal human noise sources, which represent opportunities to recognize and reduce harmful impacts of noise, and to become better stewards of life on Earth.

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