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Become an Ambassador


Calling all Ocean Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to embark on a journey that celebrates the wonders of the deep blue?

Become a Sounds of the Ocean Ambassador and be part of a transformative artivism project that creates waves of change for our precious oceans.

Why Become a Sounds of the Ocean Ambassador?

We are seeking passionate individuals who cherish the ocean and are eager to protect it through both actions and communication. As a Sounds of the Ocean Ambassador, you'll join an ocean loving community, while helping us share its enchanting melodies and captivating visuals with the world.  This role will introduce you and wider audiences to our mesmerizing immersive experiences to foster a deeper connection with life beneath the waves.

But it doesn't end there!


As part of our Ambassador community, you will be joining an international group of artists, scientists, athletes and ocean advocates in bi-monthly sessions, exclusive gatherings, special access to our events, and more!


Together, we will celebrate peaceful activism for marine conservation.

Dive into Your Role!

  • Social Media Influencing: 

    • Share your underwater pictures, sounds, and videos that take viewers on an immersive journey into the heart of the ocean. Your posts can create a snowball effect of awareness and action.

    • Join us at live events and film screenings and receive FREE entry when you post about our experience on your channels.

    • Our Ask: Make joint collaboration posts with us so we can amplify our love for ocean awareness, connection and education.

  • Host a local Event:

    • Inspire mindful activism in your community!  Whether you are a musician, yoga teacher or are interested in using our materials for related wellness events, let's continue to encourage people to do activities to boost mental health and ocean connections.

    • We will support you with our immersive ocean content to help you connect others to the ocean!

    • Our Ask: Share content from your events so we can embrace your work on our social media to inspire ocean wellness around the world!

  • Citizen Science: 

    • Be a driving force for the ocean! You can spread valuable information on current issues and offer solutions and inspiring ideas on how to take action such as by joining or hosting a beach cleanup, coral reef monitoring, whale watching surveys, water quality tests, and more.

    • Our Ask: Share content from your citizen science projects so we can amplify your work on our social media to inspire more positive actions around the world!

  • Do You have an idea? We're open to hear your ideas on collaborative campaigns!

Do you feel the call?

Fill out the application form below and let us know why the ocean calls to you. Share your vision of how you can protect marine life and inspire others to love our Ocean.

Apply by June 15, 2024 to be one of the first 12 Ambassadors!

Thank you for your interest to help protect the sea!

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