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Become an Ambassador


Calling all Ocean Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to embark on a harmonious journey that celebrates the wonders of the deep blue? Become a Sounds of the Ocean Ambassador and be part of a transformative artivism project that creates waves of change for our precious oceans.

Why Become a Sounds of the Ocean Ambassador?

We are seeking passionate individuals who cherish the ocean and are eager to protect it through both actions and communication. As a Sounds of the Ocean Ambassador, you'll be a spokesperson for the marine world, sharing its enchanting melodies and captivating visuals with the world.


You will play a pivotal role in introducing new audiences to our mesmerizing Immersive Experiences. Your dedication will inspire action and foster a deeper connection with the enchanting life beneath the waves.

But it doesn't end there! As part of our ambassador community, you will be a beacon of peaceful activism, igniting change and nurturing a reverence for the natural world. You'll be joining an international platform that unites artists, scientists, and ocean advocates from around the globe. Together, we will celebrate the fusion of art and conservation, infusing this extraordinary endeavor with cultural richness.

Dive into Your Role!

  1. Social Media Influencing: Flood the online space with positive ocean content! Share underwater pictures, breathtaking sounds, and videos that take viewers on an immersive journey into the heart of the ocean.

  2. Create Memorable Experiences: Receive access to our award-winning content & production team to support your artistic development and creative projects.

  3. Citizen Science: Be a driving force of spreading valuable information on current issues and offer solutions and inspiring ideas on how to take action.

  4. Promote Awareness: Educate your followers about marine ecosystems, animal behavior, and the importance of preserving ocean habitats. Your posts can create a snowball effect of awareness and action.

  5. Action Through Passion: Embrace your ocean activities! Whether it's collaboration on World Ocean Day, a collaborative campaign or a local beach cleanup organized by you. 


Your Journey Starts Here!

Fill out the application form below and let us know why the ocean calls to you. Share your vision of how you'll spread the love for marine life and inspire others to protect our underwater world.


Join us in protecting our precious underwater ecosystems and spreading the harmony of the ocean's embrace. 

Let's Make Ocean Harmony Together!

Thank you for your interest to help protect the sea!

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