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Co-Director & Dancer

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Elise Lein, MPhil. in Film, Media-, and Theater Science, is an acclaimed dancer, musician, filmmaker and environmental conservationist from Germany. In 2023, she completed her Expressive Arts Therapy Certification in Berlin.  Working in the film industry since 2009 in different fiction and documentary film formats, Elise has extensive practical experience in film production as well as working with environmental topics. In her most recent international documentary movie “The Green Lie” she worked as creative producer. Elise believes in art as one’s true language of the soul and offers her authentic expression as a process of deep healing and transformation – for oneself, our society and the environment. Elise believes strongly in the combination of mindful music and visuals as a new media format, to bring awareness and inner presence that creates an impact for body, soul and environment from a peaceful and mindful place within.

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