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1.31.20 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Yoga Soup

1.26.20 - Pacifica, CA @ Ocean Yoga

1.10.20 - Santa Monica, CA @ Be Crystal Clear

12.17.19 - San Francisco, CA @ Ocean Conservation Research

11.3.19 - Santa Cruz, CA @ DiviniTree Yoga

11.2.19 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Yoga Soup

11.1.19 - Ojai, CA @ Hamsa Studio

10.26.19 - Carlsbad, CA @ Woven We Are

10.25.19 - Paso Robles, CA @ Dharma Yoga Loft

10.11.19 - Santa Cruz, CA @ NOAA Exploratory Center

9.14.19 - Monterey, CA @ Evolution Yoga

8.24.19 - Burning Man 2019 @  Seven Flowers Space

8.4.19 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Divini Tree Yoga

6.14.19 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Network Chiropractic Wellness Center

3.10.19 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Pacific Cultural Center

“Ocean noise refers to sounds made by human activities that can interfere with or obscure the ability of marine animals to hear natural sounds in the ocean.”

- National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration



Oceans contain between

50% - 80%

of all life on Earth.

To raise awareness of ocean conservation efforts happening around the world, this offering connects participants with marine life, through sound.

Our sound journey features recordings of whales, dolphins and human sounds from the deep waters of Monterey Bay Canyon.


We combine these sounds with live instruments representing the element of water to create an immersive sound experience.

This project represents a collaboration between marine and human life

in a non-dualistic harmonious example of conscious co-habitation.


* Best enjoyed with good quality headphones or a subwoofer to hear all species and sounds.*



Organizations we have impacted through

fundraising and/or media impressions:



Joshua Miller

Facilitator and Multi-Instrumentalist

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Joshua leads the Sounds of the Ocean team as a California based facilitator and multi-instrumentalist.   He shares his passion for sound as a therapeutic modality with groups of all ages at music festivals, yoga studios, universities, retreat centers and corporate wellness programs.  He is driven by passion to raise environmental awareness by sharing his musical gifts in support of ocean conservation work around the world.  Joshua strives to reduce stress in people's lives by building connection back to the natural world through sound.

John Ryan

Biological Oceanographer

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John Ryan, PhD, is a biological oceanographer exploring ocean life, from microscopic plankton to great whales.  His studies of ocean mammals are rooted in analysis of sound recordings from the deep ocean off Santa Cruz, enabled by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. These recordings reveal the great diversity and activity of ocean life, providing a window to connect.  They also reveal human noise sources, which represent opportunities to recognize and reduce harmful impacts of noise, and to become better stewards of life on Earth.

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KSCO - Radio InterviewJoshua Miller
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"Wow! I've got goosebumps man!

Who knew there was that much sound underwater?  I feel better for having met you."

- Rosemary Chalmers, KSCO Radio Host


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