A mystical journey to connect with marine life, in support of ocean conservation.

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our mission

To align the wellbeing of human life with environmental conservation.

We host events and distribute digital content to inspire

mental and emotional wellness with purpose,

guided by the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

100% of our profits from digital sales go towards protecting the Ocean.

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Oceans contain between 50% - 80% of all life on Earth.

Sounds of the Ocean is an immersive 3D binaural sound experience to support your highest wellbeing.  Together, we sonically travel 3000 feet beneath the ocean's surface listening to recordings of ocean life from the deep waters of Monterey Bay Canyon just off the shores of Northern California.

We combine these sounds with live instruments including the handpan, voice, crystal bowls, gongs, clarinet, kalimba and ambient percussion to guide you through a relaxing musical journey.  Our musicians are highly skilled in the disciplines of sonic wellness and work in the health and music industry as composers, producers and writers of mindful content.  

For our live events, we use FM transmitter wireless headphones with excellent sound clarity and quality, so there is no bad seat in the house.  You will hear each sound with incredible detail and feel like you are right next to the stage.  For those with sensitive ears, our headphones provide the ability to adjust your own volume controls independently.  If you would prefer to use speakers, we can arrange this setup as well for your space.

We can scale the event based on your groups needs and are able to travel to your studio, retreat center, festival, conference or participate virtually via Zoom.

"The raw, unadulterated sounds of our oceans and their wondrous living creatures combined with your special giftedness in bringing them to us in a way that goes straight to the heart made for one of the best meditations I've ever experienced. Thank you so much! "

 - Namita, Wellness Coach

where we have been

Music & Art Festivals




Artist Residency - MonomSound

In 2021, Sounds of the Ocean was welcomed as an official artist in residency project at Monom Sound, to explore spatial sound in our production.  The space is powered by 4DSOUND technology, an instrument and sound system that immerses listeners inside 48 omnidirectional speakers suspended throughout the venue and extending to 9 powerful subs submerged beneath an acoustically transparent floor.  We plan to share the composition in 2022 as both a live performance and binaural stereo mix for licensed distribution to aquariums, museums exhibitions and home listening.  Learn More

Costa Rica Retreat Centers

Launching in March 2021, we hit the road for Costa Rica to share the journey at different retreat centers in the land of Pura Vida.  We visited over 20 iconic spaces along the stunning Pacific Coastline, stopping Nosara, Santa Teresa, Mail Pais, Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal and the Osa.  We were part of the inaugural Visionaries Immersion and supported a Rainforest Benefit Fundraiser for the Osa Peninsula.


International Year of Sound


NOAA Exhibit Opening

We offered a concert to support the opening of a new sound exhibit in Santa Cruz, California.  Together with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, the intention of this event is to demonstrate the power of sound as a tool for scientific research and education.  This collaboration integrates the spheres of science and art to shine light on the acoustic dimension of environmental stewardship and stimulate new methods of growing human care of all life on Earth.

Learn More

root cathedral.jpg

In 2020, Sounds of the Ocean was featured as part of the International Year of Sound, presented by the International Commission for Acoustics.  We offered two virtual livestream concerts during the COVID-19 pandemic to help listeners from all around the world reduce stress and connect with marine life.  We celebrated World Ocean's Day with a concert and shared a presentation from Dr. John Ryan from the Monterey Bay Aquatic Research Institute.   Learn More


Burning Man 2019

Sounds of the Ocean was featured at the playa for this years annual gathering of over 70,000 people.  We supplied spatial sound recordings for the 3D sound exhibit called Root Cathedral, presented by SevenFlower Space, a collective of artists, activists and educators.  The space was a welcomed respite from the hot desert climate, where participants could hear soothing sounds of the water, whales and relaxing instruments.  Proximity sensors triggered localized sounds by walking closer to certain areas of the exhibit.  Learn More

KSCO - Radio InterviewKSCO
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Wow! I've got goosebumps man!

Who knew there was that much sound underwater?  I feel better for having met you.



- Rosemary Chalmers, KSCO Radio Host




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